Prototype Mold( 100-10,000pcs)
Rapid Tooling / Prototyping :( Low Volume Production : Number of application:100 to 10 000 parts ) Vowin offers a wide variety of rapid tooling technologies, including Prototype / Bridge tooling and Short Run / Production tooling. We offer in-house services along with use of our database of reliable rapid tooling providers. Vowin produces injection mold rapid tooling to generate: Your requirements and your tooling expectations determine the method that we use to create your rapid tooling. Vowin will select the fastest and most cost effective method that meets your requirements. Our rapid tooling and prototyping engineering team stays up-to-date on the latest technologies and advancements in the industry. We will stay on top of the rapid tooling technology, allowing you to do your job and use our expert services as needed. Technical Overview of Rapid Tooling Vowin use

1: Aluminum tooling .
2: old mould base tooling .
3: same new mould base different core Tooling.

for our Rapid Tooling. Aluminum tooling is versatile approach to Rapid Tooling, it can be CNC machined, EDMed, textured and can create undercuts. also old mould base tooling meaning use no need mould change to your project new core . and same mould base but different project core tooling meaning many project's new core use the same new mould base We can mold most all thermoplastic materials. Engineering grade resins can also be molded. Rapid Tooling FAQs Q: What lead times are available? A: Tooling lead times range from 2-6wks Q: Can part have undercuts? A: Parts can be molded with undercuts. Cams, slides, and lifters can be incorporated into the tooling. For low part volumes, hand loaded inserts can be used to help keep costs down.

Q: Do I need draft?
A: As with any plastic part that is to be injection molded, draft is needed. The degree of draft is dependent on several factors, depth of draw, surface finish, textures. 1 degree draft is typically adequate.
Q: Can I have a texture applied?
A: can have textures applied. They can be bead blasted or sent out for specific textures.
Q: What type of CAD file will you need to quote tooling?
A: The file format needed for tooling quotes is STEP, IGES, Pro/Engineer, or SolidWorks
Q: How about the cost if use vowin's rapid tooling method
A: it's will save your many cost, if use our 1: Aluminum tooling . 2: old mould base tooling . 3: same new mould base different core Tooling

No 1: we will save the mould material cost,

No 2: we will save our make time.

No 3: we can repeat use the mould base . so You can be better than ordinary mould province 60%.



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