CNC Plastic/Metal

Our CNC machining for Plastic and Metal material Services: we offers straight CNC machining services. From milling and lathe work to grinding, CNC machining is a viable option for everything from prototypes to low-volume production.

We offer many materials, including plastics and metals. One of the many benefits of our   CNC machining services is our ability to use spec material with production-quality              tolerances. Once the parts are complete, VistaTek saves the programming and fixturing    for future jobs. This makes repeat orders easy and allows us to start low-volume              production jobs quickly. The most common materials used for CNC machining are

ABS, nylon,glass-filled nylon,PBT
Polycarbonate, Delrin,
Aluminum, steel and zinc.

Magnesium alloy

We are not limited to these materials. Also we can make some especial material like
PA+GF30%,PA+GF15%,ABS+GF10% ,

CNC Snapshot Strengths: spec materials/production tolerance Quantities: 1 to low-volume production Machine Speed: up to 42,000 RPMs Cutters: .006" and larger



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