Rapid Sheet Metal


We manufacturer in the field of all kinds of sheet metal parts, all our products are made as per customer's drawingmple, precision up to 0.01 to 0.1mm;


1) Material can be stainless steel(303,304,316 etc), iron, copper or aluminum, Galvanized sheet,CRCA, etc;


2) Main equipment: CNC lathe, laser cutting, EDM,CNC Machine, automatic lathe, hand lathe grinder, thread rolling machine, tapping drilling machine etc;


3) Advanced measuring & testing equipment: Projecting apparatus, roughness tester, hardness tester, concentricity tester etc;


4) Forming processes: Bending, curling, decambering,incremental sheet forming,ironing,laser cutting,perforating, press brake forming,punching,roll forming,stamping,wire cuting,spining,wheeling,


5) Surface treatment according to customer's requirements can be polishing, zinc plating, nickel plating or chrome plating, phosphating etc;


6) High quality, competitive price;






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